Do Not get Penalized


Vancouver SEO consulting will show you how to direct traffic to your site and if someone like what they see they will either explore the site further or ideally they will purchase your products or services. These people you reach could be your future customers and how one keeps this information important.

There are lots of blogs and advertising that claims that they are able to obtain leads but be careful and make sure that they do not get this information without your future customer knowing. As a guideline remember if it is going to annoy you it will probably annoy someone else

Spam Social Media

You can also be accused of spam over social websites so one needs to be very careful how you advertise your services or products. Social Media sites are a good platform to strike up a conversation with someone and build a relationship which can be a future customer. Keep your comments friendly and add some humour and make sure that you keep it in context with all the other comments because if you don’t it could be classed as spam.

Avoid Spam at all cost.

You need to avoid spam because of the public regard email as important for their day to day communication for business purposes. So if they receive emails that are not anything to do with their business they would get annoyed and report you which can lead to you not being allowed to use that specific ISP.

Vancouver SEO Consultants will show you how to avoid doing this so that you do not get reported.

The Internet Market is very difficult to penetrate and you do not want a situation where your advertising campaigns do not reach everyone.

How to avoid Spam

There a lot of published guides which you can use to get through this process and ensure that you operate within the strict rules of Internet communication.

If you are getting someone’s email address make sure that they know that are opting in and more importantly make sure they have an opt-out option at a later stage.

Automatic mail options is a system often used but it is not really recommended because it comes across as impersonal. It is always better to write personal emails and that increase the trust between and your customer.

Vancouver SEO consulting are specialists and will be able to ensure that your website is not the one that will be penalised.