Effective and efficient transport solution

As you probably know, I’ve been on the search for environmentally effective and efficient solutions to all sorts of problems. This is just my hobby, but I’ve recently been in contact with an amazing berlin-based auto manufacturer, well scooter manufacturer, which  employs all sorts of effective methods in their production. They don’t even begin making their scooter until it has been ordered. The scooter itself, is electric. It is fully electric, too, so it doesn’t require any oil or gas at any point. It just has a removable battery but you plug into the wall for 5 hours every 3 or so days. I think that that is an amazing system, and it beats filling up your tank with expensive gas every single day or two, that’s for sure. Which is the case for a lot of other scooters. Honestly, I don’t see the point in using a scooter that is an electric. The speed difference isn’t very much, the cost difference isn’t very much in the short-term, and have a long-term this sustainable option, which uses electricity, is significantly stronger. Significantly. I see no downside to using this new technology. I am a major proponent of using sustainable methods to create amazing new product, and UNU in Berlin is doing so in a way that makes me wish that they shipped internationally. I would buy one of these for sure. I know there are other electric scooters available, but the way that they do it is so interesting, the the level of customization and care that goes into every single scooter is something that I think all corporations can learn from and begin to incorporate in their methods of production.