Comparison of LG g5 360 camera accessory with Ricoh theta S

                      Comparison of LG g5 360 camera accessory with Ricoh theta S

Both these cameras find themselves in very similar place when it comes to 360-degree camera experience. Some of the critics even say they are both the same things with just names changed. We have brought here for you a complete comparison of both the cameras here in different situations, so you may know the difference between them.


If you witness images side by side captured with both these devices, you will get the weird idea that Theta S captures the better pictures in brighter lights but LG g6 360 camera accessory has to offer better resolution when light exposures and not as good in places you capture. So, the later might be preferable in such situations. On Ricoh colour appearance with contrast and sharpness is much better even with lower resolution. But day time photos are still the winners on LG g6 360 camera accessory comparatively.



When it comes to video capturing then Lg 360 camera finds its no match in the market. The 13-megapixel camera with 206 – degree revolution gives a nice spherical video experience. Still the results are better if you are in bright light. In comparison Ricoh has still got edge when it comes to colours and sharpness but to be honest both the cameras are not equipped with kind of resolution required for perfect 360- degree video capture.
180-degree use:

One nice plus of the LG is you can enable only one of the lenses (perhaps so you’re not in photos or videos). I didn’t use the feature, but you might. It’s not an option on the Theta, as far as I can tell.
One decent in addition to of the LG is you can empower just a single of the focal points (maybe so you’re not in photographs or recordings). I didn’t utilize the element, however you may. It’s impossible on the Theta, to the extent I can tell.
Daytime standalone use:

The blue pointer lights on the Theta S are promptly obvious even on the brightest of days. The LG g6 360 camera accessory lights are basically difficult to find in sunshine. I lost a couple of recordings on the LG on the grounds that I thought I’d begun them however couldn’t tell if the light was squinting (that is the manner by which it shows a video on advance). The Theta S not just has a different mode (and symbol) for video, however it was extremely evident when it was recording. The LG requires a long-press to begin recordings, and it’s not generally clear you’ve started one.