App Store Rankings and their Advantages

App Store Rankings and their Advantages


There are many advantages of app store rankings which help an application to stand out as prominent. It is our natural instinct that we, usually, like and download those apps that are always at the top of the place whether they are advantageous or not. Therefore, keeping in view this instinct all the app stores and app developers have started using the technique to remain at top position in an app store. Different app developers use different techniques to optimize the search of their app on the app store.

Advantages of App Store Rankings

There are many advantages of app store rankings. Some of these are:

  1. Competition
  2. Increases Retention Rate
  3. Credibility Building
  4. Cost Effective
  5. Boosts Downloads


The very first benefit of app store rankings is the competitive advantage. As different apps are developed by different developers, and the competitive advantage depends on app ranking. The apps ranking higher usually get edge in this competition and people tend to download these apps. Thus, ranking increases the competition.

2-Increases Retention Rate

There is a trend that people usually search the solution for their particular problems on the app store. And if your app can solve their problem, it tends to remain at top position and thus increases the retention of customers to download this app.

3-Credibility Building

The next advantage of app store ranking is that it builds credibility. Usually, people prefer to search for top ten apps in a category and trust in those apps that lie on first ten positions. If your app is higher in ranking its credibility increases and it is more frequently downloaded than the bottom line apps.

4-Cost Effective

Another benefit of app store rankings is that it is cost effective. There are no special fees of this ranking optimization. It just needs some extra effort on the part of the app store management. If this optimization is done by the developers, it is totally free and there are also techniques to get this optimization done by the third party source then it is a little costly.

5-Boosts Downloads

Another benefit of app store rankings is that it boosts the download of apps. This is because the apps that remain at the top position usually are downloaded more often. This boost in download increases ranking and this ranking further boosts downloads.

In short, it can easily be summarized that app store rankings has a lot of benefits for the app developers and encourage their work by giving them financial benefits.